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About Us

Our core value is simple: Get our customers the right deal from our established network of financing partners. That value came from where the best ideas often come from—experience. Our team of experienced brokers and commercial capital advisors know the ins and outs of banking.
After working for banks for nearly a decade, the team at Ashdown realized they wanted to work on other side of the fence and work with the businesses who need commercial financing, rather than for the lender. With their experience, they had developed strong relationships with a number of the top account managers and regional managers of the banks and credit unions and knew they could be a huge resource to those looking to finance. These relationships have enabled Ashdown Capital to partner their customers with the most suitable bank and account manager from day one.

As the company continues to expand, so does their network, which enhances their ability to always get you, the customer, the best opportunity. Ashdown Capital is a firm that assists business owners and developers in finding financing and capital lease for their business and projects at the most favourable terms – for them, not the bank. Our team is a collection of experienced advisors who know the ins-and-outs of banking institutions and have an expansive network of lenders to get banks competing for a company’s business. You can be assured we’re always fighting for you. Since our inception, the team has worked with companies in the micro-space, as well as multinationals with over $250 million in revenue.