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About Us

By offering a holistic shopping and design experience, we help our customers embrace their interior boldness. From our knowledgeable design consultants, to our vast selection of high-quality pieces from around North America, we bring the very best to our store so our customers are unlimited in their design inspirations.
A history of excellence
Our search for excellence began in 1977, when Jim & Bev Grant started Grand Pappy’s Furniture Barn, selling well-crafted furniture and appliances in the Fraser Valley. Over the years, we’ve watched furniture stores, trends and fashions come and go, but we’re still here, serving our local community, with the same heart we’ve always had: to help our customers find their dream designs.
Modern Designs
While our history roots us in high quality craftsmanship and service, we haven’t rested or relied on this. We’ve worked hard and travelled the nation for constant inspiration to keep our furniture and decor modern and ahead of the curve. It’s this tension, between old world craftsmanship and modern designs, that sets GP Home Furniture apart.
Don’t settle for a chain furniture store that offers only beige, boring furniture. Visit your local GP Home Furniture store today and find out why we’re the Fraser Valley’s premier home furniture and appliance retailer!