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Headlands Environmental Services (HES) is a waste and soil management company which has been in business since 2008. HES operates the Shxwha:y Village Landfill and Bioremediation Facility (SVLBF) on a 150 acre facility on the Shxwha:y Village First Nation in Chilliwack, BC.

The facility is a secure, engineered landfill site that is fully lined with an HDPE bottom liner, an effective leachate collection and treatment system, a polishing wetland, and off site leachate disposal at the Chilliwack Wastewater Treatment Plant, making it a true closed loop waste management system. The site also has a landfill gas collection and flaring system and a comprehensive environmental monitoring program.

The landfill is conformant with the BC Ministry of Environment Landfill Criteria and provides safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable disposal options for a diversified clientele ranging from property development companies, environmental consultants, and civil contractors to all levels of local,
provincial, federal and First Nations governments.

HES manages your projects materials and companies’ liability as an end of life facility, where materials received at the site are managed on site and stay on site. HES can manage soils ranging from clean to greater than industrial levels of metals and hydrocarbons, drilling slurry, vacuum trucks and tanker
trucks. We can also receive soils in drums and can accommodate all types of trucks combinations at our
facility, which has two full scalehouses to increase rounder times and project production.