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Resolve HR Solutions & Mediation



About Us

Resolve offers two areas of support: HR Consulting & Conflict Mediation

HR Consulting: Our HR services and solutions cover everything from recruitment to departures and everything in between. What we shine at is creating a lasting employee experience that helps you attract and retain your top talent. If want to learn more about how Resolve can help, reach out, and we'll assist you in determining the right path forward.

Conflict Mediation: Conflicts happen. There is no avoiding it. Resolve provides a neutral ground for resolving disputes, fostering open communication, and finding mutually beneficial solutions. From interpersonal conflicts to team disagreements, we offer a structured process tailored to your business needs, promoting a positive work environment where productivity thrives and relationships flourish. We believe conflict can be good, and can actually make relationships stronger, when handled properly

Workshops, training programs and resources related to these areas can also be developed for your business needs.